After the first few weeks your baby will be outside of the age range that we classify as newborn and at this stage we usually recommend that parents wait and book their baby photoshoot after the 3 month milestone.

Once your baby reaches around 3 weeks old their sleep will be more easily disturbed and they will prefer to have arms and legs outstretched rather than being snuggled up.

Baby may still be sleepy, but it won’t be that deep newborn sleep that allows us to curl and manipulate them into position. They will also have a tendency to roll their heads backwards and ‘starfish’ their arms and legs from whichever position we place them in, which can  prove  limiting in terms of what’s achievable from your photoshoot. On the other hand, while they're at this in between stage they will not yet be alert and mobile enough for the tummy time and leg kicking that we focus on at the next developmental milestone.

4 - 11 weeks

If you’ve missed the window for newborn shots and still want professional photos while baby is tiny, some extra patience and perseverance can sometimes pay off. Your baby may still be small enough for some of the props and accessories that we use for newborn photoshoots and there’s also a chance that we’ll get a mixture of sleepy and wide awake shots from the session.

Please note though, that baby will be getting too heavy and/or active for some of the more complex set ups and we will almost certainly have to modify poses - allowing baby to self-settle into a comfortable position rather than manipulating him/her into our choice of poses.

Suitable Packages

You may still be able to book a newborn package for a baby in this age range, but please speak to us first to ensure you understand what the limitations are and what may be possible.

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