- Acrylics -

Unlike many cheaper options, these are not simply standard prints sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic. Your image will be pressure bonded directly to the back of a single solid piece of high grade acrylic which has been laser cut and diamond polished to give you the very best optical clarity.

Acrylic Wall Panels


A modern and stylish way to display your images. With the clean lines of a canvas wrap, the light reflecting properties of acrylic give the appearance that your image is suspended within the panel and give it an almost 3D effect.

Available in either chunky 8mm thickness or slimline 5mm, concealed fixings give the illusion that the panels is floating just in front of the wall.

These panels make an absolutely stunning piece of wall art which is sure to be a real conversation piece in your home.

Prices from £110

Please allow up to 15 working days from ordering for your panel to be produced & delivered.

acrylic 1

size | 10" x 8"
slim (5mm) £110
chunky (8mm) £120

acrylic 2

size | 12" x 8"
slim (5mm) £130
chunky (8mm) £145

acrylic 3

size | 16" x 12"
slim (5mm) £150
chunky (8mm) £165

acrylic 4

size | 18" x 12"
slim (5mm) £170
chunky (8mm) £185

 acrylic 5

size | 24" x 16"
slim (5mm) £220
chunky (8mm) £235

 acrylic 6

size | 30" x 20"
slim (5mm) £250
chunky (8mm) £265

acrylic blocks

Free-standing acrylic blocks make a contemporary alternative to tabletop frames.

Each block consists of 20mm thick acrylic and is backed with black velvet so that it's suitable for displaying on window sills and in other back-lit locations.

* Diamond polished to the same luxury standard as the wall panels

Prices from £60

Please allow up to 15 working days from ordering for your acrylic block to be produced & delivered.


size | 6" x 4"



size | 7" x 5"



size | 9" x 6"



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