outdoor photography sessions

Take advantage of some of South Wales' beautiful scenery and arrange to have your photoshoot outdoors. Choose somewhere with special meaning for your family or let me help you pick one of the local beauty spots right on our doorstep.

Outdoor sessions are available between March and November and will be arranged for either early morning or late afternoon / early evening. These are the times of day when we can  catch the best light. Exact start times do vary throughout the year,  so please see below for current availability. Obviously, the weather is also a factor and outdoor bookings may need to be a little more flexible to allow for last minute changes if the weather is against us.

Current session availability: 

Mornings | start times available between 7:30 and 10:00 

Afternoonsnot currently available


Hazy sunshine, long grass and flowers in full bloom. Summer season is the most popular time for outdoor sessions.

Summer sessions always take place either very early morning or early evening while the sun is lower in the sky.

autumn SEason

My favourite time of year for outdoor photography!

Crisp leaves in rich orange, red and brown and there's something very special about Autmnal light. Although days are getting shorter, the available window for photoshoots is actually longer because the sun remains low in the sky for more of the day.

spring SEason

The start of the outdoor season.

Greenery is starting to reappear after the Winter greys. Spring flowers are sprouting, theafternoons are getting lighter and we're starting to see the first proper sunshine of the year.


The British weather being what it is, we do need to be a little more flexible around outdoor bookings. Once we have a date scheduled in for you I'll check the forecast a few days before and get in touch to firm up our arrangements. If the forecast is poor or the weather looks set to be changeable, we have a number of options open to us :

i)  We can reschedule your session to a new date

ii) We can change our plans and opt for a studio session instead

iii) We can continue to plan for an outdoor booking but change the venue to the Fourteen Locks canal centre. This is close enough to the studio for us to abandon our session if the weather turns against us and finish up with some indoor photos

iv) We can choose to go for a studio booking and keep the option to fit in some outdoor shots using the green just outside if there's a break in the weather,

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