Frequently Asked Questions

> Mobile Photography Service vs Studio Session, which is best for me?

I offer a choice between a fully equipped mobile service so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a professional photography studio in your own home or you can choose to come to me to take advantage of my dedicated studio space. The option that will work best for you depends on a number of different factors.

Mobile Service
The mobile service saves you the disruption of bundling everyone into a car to travel to a location and you'll have all of your home comforts right at hand, including baby feeding and changing equipment for new arrivals. However, with this service you'll need to factor in some additional time to allow me to get everything set up on arrival and more forward planning is required around the style of photographs that you'd like to ensure I bring all the appropriate items with me on the day.

Studio Session
If you travel to me for your session, everything will be set up ready for your immediate use so the overall duration of the photoshoot will be shorter than with the mobile service. Since we'll be using my dedicated studio space you'll also have access to my entire range of props and accessories and we'll be able to pick things out and add bits in as we go along.
Because I don't need to factor in any travel or set up time, I'm able to offer greater flexibility around studio appointments so if you need a booking at short notice or for a specific date and time this may be the best choice for you. Remember though, that if your booking is for a baby or very young child you'll need to plan your car journey and ensure that you bring any essential changing and feeding equipment along with you.

> Do I have enough space to have my photoshoot at home?

In most cases, the answer is going to be yes.
All the equipment that I bring with me is very compact and you'd be surprised at how small some of the spaces I've worked in have been. The one exception would be pregnancy photoshoots where the studio is better suited for the more creative lighting effects that are usually employed.

However, if you have a large family group or any other concerns about the practicalities of a home photoshoot, please get in touch so that we can discuss alternatives. I have a fully equipped studio space available for use and for very large groups, a bigger room can also be hired for an additional fee.

> Can I book the mobile service for a location other than a family home?

I'm fully insured to work at clients' homes, private venues or any other public location of your choice.
Although most of my work consists of studio style photoshoots, outdoor sessions at beaches, woodlands and parks are also popular during the Summer months.

NB: Certain venues may require formal permission in order to carry out a photoshoot and/or an admission fee may be payable. I'll only ever pass the direct cost price on to you, but where applicable, this will be an additional fee on top of the price of your package.

I'd really like an outdoor session, but what if the weather's poor on the day?

The British weather being what it is, we do need to be a little more flexible around outdoor bookings. Once we have a date scheduled in for you I'll check the forecast a few days before and get in touch to firm up our arrangements. If the forecast is poor or the weather looks set to be changeable, we have a number of options open to us :

i)  We can reschedule your session to a new date

ii) We can change our plans and opt for an indoor session instead (either home or studio)

iii) We can continue to plan for an outdoor booking but change the venue to the Fourteen Locks canal centre. This is close enough to the studio for us to abandon our session if the weather turns against us and finish up with some indoor photos

iv) We can choose to go for a studio booking with the option to fit in some outdoor shots using the green just outside if there's a break in the weather,

> How much does it cost?

I believe in being totally up front about cost, so there are no hidden charges whatsoever. All prices are published openly on the website so there are no nasty surprises after your session. 

Each package is an all-inclusive start to finish service including your consultation, photoshoot, image editing and prints - with absolutely no obligation to purchase anything beyond what's already included.

Most people do choose to purchase additional products on top of the base package with the average spend on a session being around £350. However, there's no need to decide on any extras until after you've viewed your proofs and if you decide to just stick with your package that's fine too. There's no pressure and no hard sell - ever!


> So how many photos do I get with my package?

That's kind of a 'how long is a piece of string?' question and completely depends on the size and type of prints that you want. However, I don't believe in enticing people in with low-priced sessions and then hitting them with unexpected print prices after the event. All packages are structured in such a way that they include the option for a good selection of prints and I keep all product prices reasonable and affordable.

> How do I book a photoshoot?

Please use the contact form to get in touch with me and include as many details as possible about your requirements. I'll be back in touch within 24 hours to offer you a selection of dates for possible bookings.

You can also call me to discuss your requirements using the number on the contact page. However, while I'm at a shoot my phone will either be turned off or on silent so please leave a voicemail or text message if I'm unable to pick up.

> How do I pay for my photoshoot?

I can either send you a secure online payment request so that you can pay by credit/debit card or Paypal or I can take cash or a cheque from you on the day.

> How long will my photoshoot take?

This very much depends on the age of the participants, what you want to get out of the session and how things go on the day. Generally, you should allow one to two hours, with photoshoots for babies and very young children taking the longest and newborn sessions requiring a 3 hour booking. However, I'll discuss this with you as part of the consultation process for your individual booking.

> Do I need to provide any props for the shoot?

I have a huge selection of props and accessories available for your use. Prior to your session I'll have a discussion with you about the style of photos that you want and make sure that the appropriate items are freshly washed and available to you on the day of your photoshoot.

Of course, it's often nice to include something of your own to make the photographs personal to you. This is something that we'll discuss during your consultation, and if there's a personal prop or accessory that you'd like to use we can work out the best way to incorporate it into your photographs.

> Can I have more than one style of photo and can you accommodate a couple of changes of clothing?

Yes !
It's your photoshoot and your choice. I'm happy to include as many styles and as many clothing changes as you'd like . . . or at least as many as our participants will allow us to before they start getting too grumpy!!!

Sarah Lee offers weekday, weekend or evening appointments throughout the South East Wales area, including Newport, Cardiff, Cwmbran and Caerphilly. Book the mobile photography service to bring the studio to your home, choose an on location outdoor session or come to me and use my fully equipped studio space
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