Children's Photoshoots

tiny tots (under threes)

While your little one is still finding his/her 'walking legs', these sessions are fun, casual and often slightly chaotic! Children of this age group are unable to take direction for poses, so it usually falls to mum or dad to keep guiding them back to the appropriate area and attracting their attention towards the camera. Our approach with this age group is to let the children relax, enjoy and be themselves without pressurising or forcing them to do anything. All the while, I'm there ready with the camera to catch that split-second when they look or pose 'just so' for the perfect photograph. We encourage you to bring along a favourite toy or special prop to help with grabbing their attention.

Please remember that they call it the 'terrible twos' for a reason, so if we happen to find ourselves at the mercy of a temper tantrum during your session, don't worry! It’s certainly not unheard of with this age group and you won't be the first. We can always take a little break and carry on again when things calm down.

These sessions usually last around an hour and we're happy to accommodate as many clothing changes as you’d like, although I usually recommend keeping it to no more than 2 different outfits.

Tip: Through April to October, consider taking a look at an outdoor session. These are less restrictive for this age group, giving them more freedom to move around rather than having to stay positioned in front of a studio backdrop.

little ones (aged 3-5)

Once your child is coming out of the toddler stage, they should be a little more able to take instructions and direction for their photographs. They will likely still need quite a bit of coaxing and encouragement from mum or dad, but with more developed language skills and coordination they’ll have a better understanding of what we want from them. We still recommend bringing along a toy or prop just to engage their attention and encourage some smiles and giggles, but these sessions can generally be pre-planned and more structured than with the younger age group.

Sessions for this age group last around 45 minutes to  an hour and we're happy to accommodate as many clothing changes as you’d like. However, I recommend limiting it to no more than 2 or 3 different outfits.



After the age of around 6, children’s sessions become a lot easier to manage. At this stage, your child should be able to take full direction for their photographs including how to sit/stand, where to look etc. From juniors through to teens, we should be able to plan out our required shots and poses in advance.

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