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For as long as I can remember I've been drawn to anything 'arty' or creative - whether that was aged 3 and sticking scraps of paper together to make a collage or being over the moon at being given an old beat-up point and shoot camera at age 9. Throughout my childhood, my mum's fridge door, my bedroom wall and basically every other available surface was crammed full of my 'creations'. Then when my husband and I bought our first home I finally acquired my very own walls to display my work in the way that I'd always wanted to - although it was all a lot more grown up and sophisticated by that point!

My professional life however, initially lay in a completely different direction. I first qualified as a certified chartered accountant, then later as a certified project manager and while work revolved around the tough corporate finance world, my passion for photography provided me with an escape and a means to create my own calmer, more beautiful world through the lens.

The turning point in my relationship with photography came with the birth of my first nephew. Knowing how much "Aunty Sarah" loved photography, I'd been asked to capture his first moments and it just felt such a privilege to be invited to be a part of that magical time. It wasn't long before 'mum' had shown the photos to friends and family and I was soon receiving requests from them too. Watching their faces light up when they saw the images and being able to give them something individual and special to hang on their walls, I was totally smitten. Without any doubt at all, this was what I wanted to do!!!

And this was the start of Sarah Lee Photography..

Although I do still do some accountancy and consulting work, I now count myself among those fortunate few who have turned a hobby into a successful business and can proudly say that they have a job doing something they genuinely love . . .

As an added bonus, my chosen niche gives me the opportunity to indulge in some of my other creative hobbies and make all sorts of beautiful props and accessories. I also get to meet some of the cutest little people and loads of interesting clients in the course of every photoshoot!

Most importantly though, that excitement is still there at each and every session. There's nothing like hearing the click of the shutter and knowing that you've caught that special look, that little half-smile, that brief moment . . . and you just know that there's something very, very special there that will make someone's face light up when they see it!

To find out more about the services that I offer or to view my work, please stop for a while and have a browse through the site.

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